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Welcome to Cat Wrassle, where spooky felines come to prove their mettle in the arena, if I told you more it would ruin the fun!

Controls for the Xbox One Controller:

B button: Exit to Main Menu when Victory event is displayed.

A button: Boost.

B button: Jump.

Left Analogue Stick: Movement.


-At least two Xbox One controllers.

-A computer with components from the current decade.

-Windows 10 OS.


Josh Livingston: Joined the team two hours before turn in (really helpful!).

Forrest McCarthy: Programmer.

Jaycee Isenhart: 2D Art, and Character Texturing.

Elli Viljamaaa: Character Sculpting, Modeling, and Texturing, 2D Art.

Lake Wilson: Environmental Modeling, and Texturing.

Jordan Stone: Music Composition.

Cooper Hall: Game, and Sound Designer.


Catrassling_Data.zip 35 MB

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